Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update and Holiday Fun

Hello Everyone,

Well I have been here for one year now. On Nov 2, 2007 Mommy and Daddy took me back to Walt Disney World to celebrate. It was an awesome trip, I got to go on my first airplane since Vietnam and it was so cool. I loved looking out the window. I wasn't scared at all. We got to Orlando very late, but I new where I was the moment we arrived at the hotel. It was a great trip I got to do a whole lot of new things that we didn't get to do in August. I got to go swimming in the pool, and play in the splashy water area. I laughed so hard till I got splashed in the face with a water jet.

On my Adoption Day, Mommy and Daddy took me to the Grand Floridian to get Pictures taken and that was OK, I got bored by the end of it. Later that night I got to have dinner with Cinderella and Prince Charming, and the step sisters and some weird lady. The step sisters were so much fun. I got kisses on each side of my cheek's and I had lipstick marks that I wore the rest of the night. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom and I got to trick & treat there. I got so much candy, I'm still eating it. It was so much fun to see the parade's and especially the fireworks. Did I tell you all that I love fireworks.

Then after 5 days of fun it was time to leave I gave Mommy a hard time leaving the room, I didn't want to leave. Oh well I just have to persuade them to go back again soon! I don't think it will be to hard to do...

The it was time celebrate the Holidays, First Thanksgiving, I got to watch the parade while Mommy made me Special French Toast with Banana's and Strawberries. It was Yummy.
Then it was time to go to Grandma and Granddad Gracon's for dinner. I ate Turkey and stuffing and Broccoli Casserole and Cranberry Sauce. It was so goood.

Then Mommy and Daddy started to put up this big green thing called a tree, I liked all the pretty lights and the garland was a lot of fun too. I helped put ornaments on the tree, on the same branch, but hey at least I was helping.
We went to Church on Christmas Eve, I loved to hear all the songs and I was very good. Christmas Morning I woke up and Mommy made Pancakes and then I got to open my presents. I took my time a ripped off the paper one piece at a time and then put it in the garbage. After all my gifts were open I played for a little while then I took a 2 hour nap to wake up to open more gifts from Grandma and Grandad Gracon. They gave me the coolest blocks, since I like to stack things.
The next day I got to see my cousins Holly and Gabriel and Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom. It was so much fun to see them over the next 2 days. I love to play with Holly she makes me laugh, and she's fun too. Gabriel has really cool toys that I wanted to play with but he didn't let me. It's OK it was fun to watch though.

Then before I knew it. I was 2. January 9, 2008. Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Granddad, and I went to PF Chang's for dinner the night before to celebrate, they really embarrassed me when they started singing. It was bad enough they dressed me up to look like Minnie Mouse. (Which I secretly liked) Then on my Birthday we traveled 3 hours to Silver Springs, Maryland. Our Coordinator Martin from Vietnam was here in the USA and we went to see him. Mommy and Daddy seemed very happy to see him. I don't remember him, but he seemed nice. After I warmed up I played with the other kids. Mommy and Daddy got to see the other families we travel with and they said it was great to see everyone again. We wish we could do it more often. It was a wonderful night, even with the long drive and getting home really really late.

On Sunday January 13, I had my birthday party. It was so much fun. I loved to play with the streamers Daddy put up for my party they had Mickey on them. I got to run around and play with everyone. I was having a good time until they started singing again. Boy, did I get embarrassed, I grabbed hold of Mommy and wouldn't let go till they finished singing. Once I got home I played with the balloons for hours. I got really cool gifts. Thank you everyone I loved them.

Over these months I have grown so much. I barely fit in my 2T clothing anymore. So Mommy is worried about my Summer clothing. My hair has grown too but I hate it as Mommy is always trying to put things in it. I now fully eat with a fork, and spoon no more fingers as I don't like to get my fingers dirty. I can walk up and down the stars all by myself. I also have learned many new words. I think about 50 words and some I can form into sentences. I don't know being my favorite. I just learned how to say, Elmo and Purple, Blue and Pink. I can count up to about 8. and I can stack about 10 blocks high now. I love to make farm animal sounds especially an Owl.
Mommy put me in a Gymboree class that I go to every Monday morning with her, and I get to do all these really cool things. I can climb, slide, jump, walk across a balance beam and cross bridges and play with a parachute. The parachute is my favorite thing to do.
Mommy keeps saying something about Potty training but I don't seem to understand yet. My diaper is just fine. I like privacy.
So I'm growing and learning a great deal. I'll keep you updated as new things come about. I look forward to the upcoming months ahead, and I will keep you all updated as I do really cool new things.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One year ago on October 22

This is a video that my Dadda made of their journey to me last year. I hope you like it, it makes my Mama cry.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Walt Disney World

I Went to Mickey's House!! I cannot believe it. On August 25, 2007 Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandad filled the car and we took a 4 hour drive to Lorton VA, to take the auto train to Sanford, Florida. I wined a little in the car, did I tell you I hate my car seat. Especially on long rides. I don't think I should be locked into one place for that long. I like to play, jump and run. NOT SIT STILL... for 4 hours. But we got there and the train was delayed, so we sat there and we sat there and we sat there. And boy was that making Mommy mad. I don't think she likes sitting in one place for to long either. HEEHEE Now she know how I feel. Finally at 6:30pm we loaded onto the train and off we went to Florida. We arrived at Noon on Sunday. Our Car was the next to last one off the train, Just my luck. Well 2 hours later after some Yummy food we were at Mickey's house. Of coarse I had no idea where we were but it all looked cool. Mommy and Grandma went to check in to the hotel and all these nice people kept handing me things. I wasn't going to argue so I just said Thank You. Off to the room we went. WOW WOW WOW!!! I could have spent my whole Vacation in that room and had a blast. So many fun things to do. I especially liked the end tables, they had hiding places in them. I loved the bathroom and all the room I could run around and play in.
Well on Monday I got to meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Disney's MGM Studios that was awesome. I also had breakfast with JoJo Circus and Little Einsteins. I liked that and I liked the fact that my waffles were in shape of Mickey. I got to see a lot of cool things but my heart skipped a beet when I saw Mickey in Fantasmic that night. I had no idea that he was going to be in it. Actually I had no idea what we were waiting to see for over an hour, but when I saw Mickey I was in Love.
Tuesday we went to EPCOT. We all went on all these really cool rides which I found interesting and nice a cool from the hot sun. I fell asleep somewhere in China and awoke to a Dragon called Mushu and Mulan. Mommy insisted that we take a picture. Then we were on line again for something and minutes later my whole world changed. There he was, my sweetheart standing in front of me. MICKEY MOUSE. I let out the loud scream and did a dance all the way into his arms. It is a moment I don't think Mommy or Daddy will ever forget. Then I got to meet Minnie and she was so cute, once I got hugs and pictures I decided that I wanted to go back to Mickey for more Lovin, it didn't matter that he was with someone else. I just wanted him all to myself.

Then I got to meet Chip and Dale they were fun, then there was this big dog named Pluto. He's a lot bigger than my dogs so I was a little afraid of him. I don't know if I was that thrilled about Goofy as well. But I had a great time. We got to see Mickey again at Dinner and I just loved his shoes.
Then I got too see a great Firework show called Illuminations.

Weds I got to see all those cool animals on the safari and saw these cool shows which I couldn't sit still though. We left early because I wasn't myself, but hey do you like to go to the bathroom in public, I know I don't so as soon as we came back I went, and then I felt a whole lot better.

Thurs we went to the Magic Kingdom, Poor Mommy she was so sick, she wasn't up to the full day of going on rides so we did a few things and then it was time for Dinner and I got to meet Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. I loved Tigger's Tail. Then I got to see my first Disney Parade. SpectroMagic. It was awesome!!! Then I got to see the best Fireworks ever.

Friday it rained so we stuck in our room, which helped Mommy since she has a cold. We went out for a ride to the Grand Floridan and I loved it. I guess I have expensive taste. I got to meet Uncle Dan that night. I don't know what I make of him yet.

Then before I knew it we were heading back home, not before we took this relaxing ride around a lake where I could take a nap. I had a really great time on the train. I was having so much fun I didn't want to go to sleep.

Well Now I'm home and everything is back to normal, but now I can dream of Mickey that I actually got to meet him and all the fun things I got to do..

So Mom Dad when are we going back?

I'm officially Adopted

Hello All,

Sorry for no Posts in awhile but I have been very busy. My first Summer in NJ has been wonderful. I have been busy swimming in the local Pool and going to the beach. I have had a blast, to officially end my Summer on August 16, 2007 Mommy and Daddy officially adopted me in the State of New Jersey. So I now am officially Paige Kaylie Kim. It was a wonderful ceremony, I wasn't a bit nervous, I slept through the whole thing. Mommy had to wake me up so I could take some pictures. I just liked the idea of wearing my pretty dress that is white and making Mommy very nervous to get it dirty when we went out for Pizza. HeeHee it was so fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A week of First's

Wow Wow Wow!!!

I had my first trip to the beach on Tuesday, and boy did I have fun. Daddy took me to the ocean, even though I held on for dear life, I really enjoyed it, until that big wave came and got me and Daddy all wet. I loved to play in the sand, especially all the seashells. I can't wait to go back again soon.

On Thursday I traveled with Daddy, Grandma, Granddad, Holly, and Gabriel to Allaire State Park and I got to ride on my first train. That was so cool, we did it twice.

I've started my terrible 2's so everything is a problem for me. Mommy and Daddy can never seem to understand what I want. So I throw things and cry, but I still can't seem to get what I want. Mommy keeps saying something like when is this going to be over, and I can't quite understand why. I'm just trying to state my opinion.

Oh well, I have another tooth Yippee. It's my first eye tooth. So hopefully once I get all 4 I can finally chew some real food.

OK that's all for now, check out some cool pictures of me at the beach and the pool.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Paige at 18 Months

Hello All,
I have been here in America for Nine Months and I have grown a lot and have learned so many new things.
I can climb up and down stairs, I can play with puzzles, I love to dance, and I can say up to 10 words. (Dada being my Favorite Word)
I eat almost everything but I especially like all the things Mommy has on her plate. Pickles are my favorite, next to Mac and Cheese.
My Mommy and Daddy just recently took me to Sesame Place and I had the best time of my life. I was able to see my favorite Sesame Street Character Telly, and I also got to meet Abby Caddabby, (who looks very much like Ginger from Johnny and the Sprites) Don't tell Mommy and Daddy that I noticed.I was able to have dinner with all the Characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Zoe, and Bert and Ernie. It was so Cool.
I just celebrated my First 4Th of July and unfortunately it rained. We went to see the Fireworks but they were not great so Mommy and Daddy took me home and we watched them on TV,(I like those better, I could dance to them.)
I can't wait for this weekend so I can play with my cousins that are coming down from Buffalo, NY. We should have alot of Fun...